Joleine Mudde

Since I was 26 years old, I have been helping people advance their careers:

Up until 2009 my work focused on the ways in which people could find or transition to new opportunities, by providing and implementing recruitment and outplacement services in both the Netherlands and Spain.

In 2009 I started my own business. I am currently based in Madrid, Spain and work on international projects providing:

  • Advice to managers and executives on career transitions.
  • Coaching to managers and executives to help them develop leadership skills.
  • Group and team facilitation for the development of emotional intelligence skills.

I accompany my clients in developing their emotional intelligence skills, helping them to find within themselves the resources they need to grow and achieve their goals.

People come to me with questions like:

I work for people and with people, creating flexible partnerships and collaborations with professionals, and building relationships based on trust.

My values are: transparency, approachability and trust. I also believe in being forthright, yet understanding.