“When more of the same isn’t an option, a new field of learning is required”

Julio Olalla
President, Newfield Network, Executive Coaching and Transformational Learning

I am experienced in helping people change the way in which they see themselves and the world around them. The way we construct ourselves and our environment defines who we are and therefore, how we act. The way in which we “are” and “act” can help us move forward or block our progress. To a large extent, it determines what we achieve.

I have learned with and am inspired by the transformational development programs of Newfield Network, whose work is based on Ontology, that is, the science of “being”. Ontology derives from studies in philosophy and biology, with major developments in the 20th century in the fields of cognitive biology, existential philosophy, and the philosophy of language.

Ontology and coaching:
“The theory and methodology of ontological coaching enables a coach to observe and work constructively with three essential domains of human existence – language, emotions and body – as a means for supporting coaching clients to develop important new perspectives that generate more effective behaviors.”

Alan Sieler, Director, Newfield Australia

I am inspired by the application of the trilogy of language, emotions and body in coaching, mainly because it helps my clients accomplish their goals.

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