Volker Candil Linde
Leader Global Sourcing
General Electric

“I contacted Joleine for my own career development. I would emphasize that almost all activities were carried out remotely, by audiovisual communication. This fact is only a small example of her professionalism, her great capability to empathize and lead the coaching sessions even when held remotely. I would highlight her closeness, empathy and trustworthiness. Joleine has a structured method and in different phases she covers personal aspects, in and outside the work environment. Her background and international experience make the coaching experience more complete and global, taking into consideration the multicultural aspect of multinational companies.

Alvaro Plaza Ugalde
Founder and Managing Partner

“Joleine coached me during my own process to become a certified executive coach. I enjoyed her natural coaching skills and particularly admire her ability to softly inquire down to the nature of “THE” matter(s), making sure I would come to a conclusion. Her language skills -I’ve heard Joleine speak Spanish, English and Dutch fluently – and her exposure to executives also in the educational sphere make Joleine a valuable asset in the international corporate world. I would recommend Joleine as a coach to executive levels.”

Mª Pilar Mariscal de Gante
HR Director
Flores Valles

“In 2015 I proposed Joleine Mudde for the “Team Building Training” for the International Division led by Jorge Rodrigues dos Santos, both for the company’s sales people in Spain, as well as for those belonging to the delegations in the Middle East, USA and Poland. Therefore, it was necessary to deliver in English and for a team with great variety in cultures and customs.
The way the course was presented, the content, the process, all perfectly coordinated with the head of the department and the flexibility that Joleine demonstrates, adapting to what she knows would make the course successful, from looking for an additional facilitator, to visiting the facilities where the course would take place, have been the reason why this training has been so useful and effective and that has made us consider the delivery of a second part”.

Testimonial participant, Middle East delegation:
“I thought the whole process from start to finish was superb and I found it interesting and engaging. Joleine makes you feel at ease, her delivery is clear and to the point. She knows when to lift the group with humor, and when the focus needs to change. A very enjoyable course, energizing, practical, team focused, thought provoking and professional.”

Nicolás Fernández López
General Manager

“Joleine is an excellent professional in the field of interpersonal skills such as Leadership, Personal Branding or Networking. As account manager at Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance I have worked with her for several years, helping multinational companies develop their employees and I must say that she prepares each session in a completely personalized way, analyzing thoroughly the specifics of each organization, group or person. Working with Joleine is a real pleasure, always proposing creative and innovative solutions that create a high impact on people. She is an approachable person, patient listener and builds trust with the people around her”.

Arancha de la Cámara

“Joleine has collaborated with me on various training and development projects for Talentandsales’ clients, such as Sodexo and Alphasip, where we have worked together with the companies’ managers on developing their leadership and teamwork skills. Joleine empathizes very well with the participants and I would emphasize her ability to help people see from other perspectives and help them to get the best out of themselves, allowing them to grow and develop in the field of emotional intelligence”.